once upon

a time

This is a story of a native from the Island of Orleans (a sorcerer as say the legend) a century barn, his bi-century house and a quest to preserve berries in the healthiest and sustainable way possible. 

Welcome to Tigidouland!

The story of a Sorcerer Apothecary

Native from the island, Vincent kid’s first summer job was picking up strawberries at his neighbor’s farm. He cultivates his own strawberries field at 13 years old. But realize he wasn’t a farmer. He was a Jamtender. After traveling the world, experience new media hype entrepreneurship, he touch down on this parcel of land, discovering a unique eclectic barn full of magic and history. With his talent in cuisine, curiosity in permaculture and organic farming and his love for vintage culture, he is reinventing the berries preserves in an immersive experience.

Island Of Orleans,

an inspiring location,

a blessed terroir

Facing Quebec City, where the river narrows, this farming island was the safe environment for the first French colonies, more than 550 years ago. Long before Quebec or Montreal, Orleans Island was the first lands in Nouvelle France to establish the new colony. Apart from the century-old farmhouse and spectacular point of view, the island is well known for the quality of his strawberries, one of the most popular harvests on the island. At the Tigidou Jam Factory, you will taste the best varieties of all of them, with other organic berries as well.

Where Magic Happen

Share our love for the earth by an ecological approach to all stages of supply, transformation and management of resources, both human and material. To share our love of built, agricultural and human heritage through the exchange of knowledge, objects, stories and places that will bring to life in an immersive experience a link between a bygone era and a new era that inspires. Create value by pursuing an ideal of freshness, quality and novelty that takes root in the creative transformation of value-added products, always fresh, always natural, always from our island.


Eat better

Antioxidants, drugs for the most part, Quebec’s berries are precious.  We cook them with minimum organic cane sugar only, small batch at a time


Zero Growth

Native, we learned early to treat the land with respect and dignity. And our business expectation is humble. We reuse everything, it’s in our nature.


Organic and Local

Our island, the founding soil of French culture in America, combines climate, land and winds that promote the cultivation of magical berries.


Fresh and Barely Sweet

Picked and processed the same day, farms provide us with the best of their harvest, from June to October.

Small bits of History

Did you know that Nostradamus was the first to write a book on jam, our name “tigidou” come from a vintage manufacturing English expression, that our jam factory is on a blessed land and that Orleans Island is the oldest Canadian terroir? Alright then. Read a little of our stories.


The origins of berry preserves, legends and other sweet stories.



At the beginning of the last century, the “french canadians” were workers in British Manufacturing ; We were “tigidous”



The island of Orleans is a terroir of more than 500 years, privileged by the climate, the land and the winds.


Delectable Agri-Tourism On Île D’Orléans

Mira Temkin, Urban Matter

Considered the quintessential vegetable garden of Quebec City, as well as an easy getaway for the locals, Île d’Orléans is a delightful place to explore. We started at the kitschy Confiturerie Tigidou Jam Factory, the world’s only jam bar, helmed by the world’s only jam-tender, Vincent. I sampled the harvest of his fruit-filled berries, made into delectable jams. The hardest part was deciding which ones to take home.


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Île d’Orléans: Parish by Parishs

Annie Fitzsimmons, National Geographic

Not to be missed: the delicious homemade berry jams at Confiturerie Tigidou. Owners Catherine Trudel and Vincent Paris, both natives of the island, share their organic recipes, which often include a hint of fresh herbs, like mint, and “plenty of lemon.” The inn above the barn is a great option for families looking to rent a home-away-from-home on the island.


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Une bonne adresse

Claude Montminy, Journal Voir

Tigidou, une confiturerie artisanale au décor shabby chic mignon comme tout. «La confiture fraises menthe, moi, je m’en mettrais sur tout le corps et je me lécherais à perpétuité! Ça n’a pas de bon sens comment c’est bon! Et puis, c’est tout frais, c’est fait avec des ingrédients locaux, sans produits chimiques.»


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