Anglais Once upon a time, two natives of Île d'Orléans resuscitated a heritage barn by inhabiting it with creativity, stories and berries Once upon a time

History of apothecary wizards of Île d'Orléans

The natives of the Island of Orleans have called themselves Sorcerers since the beginning of time. Is it due to their talents for agriculture, navigation or their secret recipes for jams?

It is therefore an epicurean sorcerer, grown up in a field of strawberries and having traveled the world, leaving his career as an advertising designer, Vincent Paris, who returns to his native land to found an original jam factory, overflowing with creativity, audacity. and beauty.

He returned to share his love of weeds, agri-food innovation, the aromas of his native land and above all, the magical berries of his bewitched island.

Our team

La Confiturerie Tigidou is also the story of a passionate team that shares a love of berries and is dedicated to making your visits and your experience even more unique.

Photo de l'équipe Tigidou

An inspiring place, a blessed terroir

The Tigidou confiturerie is located in the heart of the Île d'Orléans, very close to the Old Capital, a privileged territory for the cultivation of strawberries in America. The jam factory and its gardens offer visitors an original experience in an eclectic rustic-chic atmosphere. Cooking fresh local seasonal berries, Tigidou jam makers will make you taste their fine seasonal creations, always fresh and original, often organic and certainly 100% local.

The magic formula

Our way of doing things and our culinary approach are very different from traditional homemade or industrial jams. It's about respecting the delicate balance between cooking and sugar, between fruit acidity and cane sugar, until you obtain a cooking that will not reduce aromas and antioxidants. We are continually working to redefine the ways to preserve fruit with a minimum of natural sugars and exploring amalgamations with fresh herbs or boreal spices.

The best selected local fruits
Top quality ingredients
Cooking in a small cauldron

Eat better

Antioxidants, mostly drugs, Quebec berries are precious. Keeping the aromas and the benefits is what we do best.

Zero growth

Natives, we learned early on to treat the land with respect and dignity. We take everything back, it's in our nature.

Local fruits

Our island, the founding land of French culture in America, combines climates, lands and winds that promote the cultivation of magical berries.

Fresh and less sweet

Freshly picked fruit, agricultural farms provide us with the best of their harvest, from June to October.

Our delicious jams


The origins of berry processing, legends and other sweet stories.


The working-class era

At the turn of the last century, the “French Canadians” were workers. We were "tigidous"


American strawberries

The island of Orleans is a land of more than 500 years, favored by the climate, the land and the sea winds.


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