A Thousand Stories Barn, a Bi-Century Farmhouse, welcome in a special historical location where Sustainable Community want to share there love for food, culture and permaculture in the heart of a magic berries island

An Apothecary Garden

Wild chicory, Great burdock, Yarrow, Spearmint, Chamomile Romaine, Coltsfoot … We are native from an island bewitched with green magic. Apothecary wizards, we are interested in permaculture through biodiversity of wild herbs, benefactor roots and native flowers. They inspire our recipes, motivate our intentions and push our aspirations. We keep the origins by preserving in our gardens their presence without any intervention.

> WILD PLANTS: Wild Chicory, Great Burdock, Yarrow, Spearmint, Chamomile Romaine, Coltsfoot…

> GARDEN HERBS: Basil, Sage, Rosemary, Thym …

Harvest rhythms

From the first flowers of spring, we pick coltsfoot and dandelion flower for our first Crémaillotte marmalades. The first heat of June brings us the first strawberries, rhubarb and camerise. Then follow the abundance of summer strawberries and gadellas in July, then raspberry and blueberry in August. The rhubarb which returns in September, followed by the abundance of autumn strawberries, blackberries, morello cherries and plums. The season ends with a deluge of apples and such small sea buckthorn berries.


Calendar of harvests

Our jams are made from freshly picked fruit. Follow our calendar of harvests on the island of Orleans.



Are we open?

We are open from June to September every day. Otherwise, check our opening hours here.

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Our Café and Jambar

We serve daily baked scones with choice of fresh jams or jellies, pure local ice cream and homemade strawberry limonade.  With a italian coffee or fresh garden tea, have a seat in our rustic and vintage café.  And taste the jams at the jambar, a fun and playful time with one of our jamtender.  

Our treasure map

Island Of Orleans is full of hidden discoveries and treasure. We share here the best farms for fruits pickup, places for picnic and interest things and people to visits


For fruits picking or just to visit, we list the best farms to visit on Island of Orleans



Walkthrought the most beautiful village on Island of Orleans and come back by the seashore.  We will show you the trail



Treasure shops, unusual picnic place, it’s not by touring the island that you would have found them.


Delectable Agri-Tourism On Île D’Orléans

Mira Temkin, Uban Matter

Considered the quintessential vegetable garden of Quebec City, as well as an easy getaway for the locals, Île d’Orléans is a delightful place to explore. We started at the kitschy Confiturerie Tigidou Jam Factory, the world’s only jam bar, helmed by the world’s only jam-tender, Vincent. I sampled the harvest of his fruit-filled berries, made into delectable jams. The hardest part was deciding which ones to take home.


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Île d’Orléans: Parish by Parishs

Annie Fitzsimmons, National Geographic

Not to be missed: the delicious homemade berry jams at Confiturerie Tigidou. Owners Catherine Trudel and Vincent Paris, both natives of the island, share their organic recipes, which often include a hint of fresh herbs, like mint, and “plenty of lemon.” The inn above the barn is a great option for families looking to rent a home-away-from-home on the island.


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Une bonne adresse

Claude Montminy, Journal Voir

Tigidou, une confiturerie artisanale au décor shabby chic mignon comme tout. «La confiture fraises menthe, moi, je m’en mettrais sur tout le corps et je me lécherais à perpétuité! Ça n’a pas de bon sens comment c’est bon! Et puis, c’est tout frais, c’est fait avec des ingrédients locaux, sans produits chimiques.»


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