Honey for Ukraine


A fundraiser organized by the Confiturerie Tigidou to help the victims of the war in Ukraine

In order to help the members of a Ukrainian family caught in the armed conflict, the Confiturerie Tigidou is launching a fundraising campaign by giving the profits of the sale of honey pots produced by the Ukrainian beekeeping couple Valentyna and Volodymyr Leychenko, long-time partners of the company. All proceeds from the sale of honey jars from the fields of Île d’Orléans will be donated to the couple to be sent directly to their family and community in crisis.

“We saw the plight of the Leychenko family and we couldn’t stand by and do nothing. They are artisans like us who have been part of our community for a long time. It makes us happy to be able to help their family and friends caught up in this conflict” says Vincent Paris, Tigidou confectioner. The company invites its customers to buy the jars of honey from the fields and participate in the fundraising for the victims of the conflict in Ukraine. The Confiturerie Tigidou will reopen its doors on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm in the village of Saint-Laurent on Île d’Orléans. The Grand Marché de Québec is joining in this collection by also offering the sale of the jars at the Paniers & Pignons delicatessen. The Leychenko family will channel the funds to Europe directly to family members still in Ukraine or refugees elsewhere in Europe.



Ukrainian queen bees at the heart of agriculture on Île d’Orléans farms

Pollination of agricultural fields in spring is one of the main tasks of Valentyna and Volodymyr’s bees. Essential to the success of the harvests for several berry, apple and vegetable farms on Île d’Orléans and several blueberry farms in Lac Saint-Jean, the couple has become an indispensable agricultural partner by renting out their precious hives. The queen bees come from the eastern and western regions of Ukraine where they are collected every year to counter the decline of native bees in Quebec. The honey produced by the two beekeepers is sold by La Confiturerie Tigidou in their store on Île d’Orléans or their online store.



Locally involved business partners

La Confiturerie Tigidou is a traditional jam factory with local berries. The boutique, located in the village of Saint-Laurent, also offers coffee, berry snacks and local products for sale, including honey from the Leychenko family’s Ruchers de l’Île fields.
Les Ruchers de l’Île d’Orléans, a company located in Saint-Jean-de-l’Île d’Orléans, offers pollination services to farmers by renting hives, and produces artisanal products made from the honey of their bees.



La Confiturerie Tigidou – Vincent Paris – (581) 985-8643 – vincent@tigidou.ca
Les Ruchers de l’île d’Orléans – Volodymyr Leychenko – (418) 829-0176 – ruchersdorleans@hotmail.com

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